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Pittsburgh's BEST Frozen Treat Shop Results

Ice Cream Results Popular PittsburghCongratulations to the winners of the Popular Pittsburgh Best Ice Cream and Frozen Treat Shop Poll!

FIRST PLACE WINNER: DiFiore's on Mt. Washington

SECOND PLACE WINNER: Antney's Ice Cream Parlor on Poplar St.

Thank you to everyone for participating. Please check back soon for our next exciting poll!

Pittsburgh Profiles:

Mayor Sophie Masloff: Authentically Pittsburgh  

Mayor Sophie MasloffLacking higher education, Jewish, a septuagenarian, and a woman, Sophie Masloff was a mayor unlike any other Pittsburgh had ever seen before. While she may have been unlike any other mayor, she was quintessentially Pittsburgh. Her life embodied many of the things that define Pittsburgh and those who live here, making her one of the city's most colorful, most memorable, if not one of the most beloved mayors in recent history. Lacking higher education, Jewish, a septuagenarian, and a woman, Sophie Masloff was a mayor unlike any other Pittsburgh had ever seen before. While she may have been unlike any other mayor, she was quintessentially Pittsburgh. Her life embodied many of the things that define Pittsburgh and those who live here, making her one of the city's most colorful, most memorable, if not one of the most beloved mayors in recent history.

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The Popular 'Burgh Buddies' Story: How We Met

'Burgh Buddies - How we meetKim sat on the eyeball shaped bench in downtown Pittsburgh watching strangers pass by.  She had been in her new city for only a few weeks so everyone she saw was a stranger.  Her parents were standing nearby having a conversation with a few people that they had just met.  

It was easy for them to meet new people. they were friendly and outgoing with a lot of interesting things to say. And besides, hadn't they told her not to talk to strangers?  

Her father worked for an international company and he had traveled the world. Her mother was used to working and belonging to social clubs.  Starting conversations with strangers came easy to them. They always know the right thing to say.

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Ten Birds You Might See in Pittsburgh  

Ten Birds You Might See in PittsburghOne indicator of an environment's health is a vibrant avian population. With the abundance of wooded areas in and around Pittsburgh, it's no wonder that according to Birding.com there were 397 species seen in Pennsylvania, making Western Pennsylvania a great place to spot our feathered friends.

Most of the time, we go about our lives paying little attention to the birds around us. We tend to take note of them more in the spring since most of them have been absent during the winter. But for most of us, the birds in our environment fade into the background, unless they leave a gift on our car's windshield, or are singing near an open window.

You don't have to be an avid bird watcher to spot some of the birds on our list. Here are 10 that you may see if you just pay a little bit of attention.

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Pittsburgh Botanic Garden—Paradise Found

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden—Paradise FoundWith the opening of the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden located in Collier and North Fayette Townships, Pittsburghers may have regained paradise. The sprawling 460-acre garden is situated on abandoned mining land and when completed, will be one of the largest botanic gardens in the world, and the only one in the United States constructed on reclaimed land.

The garden has been two decades in the making and will open in stages with a target date of 2025 or sooner for the completion of the garden. While many cities, even those much smaller than Pittsburgh, have botanic gardens, the region did not have one until now. In 1988 the idea of establishing a botanic garden in the Pittsburgh area sprouted while a group of garden enthusiasts was out to dinner. Among the group was Frank Pizzi, the curator of horticulture at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium. The group knew that for the garden to become a reality it needed to be located near Pittsburgh and the land needed to be affordable. Allegheny County had an abundance of unused acreage. Abandoned mining land adjacent to Settlers Cabin Park would be perfect. The group, which had formed as a nonprofit in 1991, leased the property in 1998 from the county for 99 years on a renewable lease.

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Wine A While

Wine A WhileEveryone talks about the California Wine country, but for oenophiles and those who just like a nip of the grape every now and then, you don't have to travel all the way to the West Coast for fun and an informative day of visiting wineries. Pennsylvania is the fifth largest producer of grapes in the country and is ranked seventh nationally in the number of wineries. With more than 200 licensed wineries in the state--many of them right in your own back yard--why not take off for Southwestern Pennsylvania's wine country where varieties such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Vidal, and Chambourcin thrive. Some of the wineries are very small and others quite large. Check their website before embarking on your journey to make sure of their hours and what each winery features.

To make your excursion more convenient, we've arranged the area's wineries by the points of the compass: north, south, east & west and central using Pittsburgh as the center. Whichever direction you select, you're sure to have a memorable time.

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Pittsburgh's Wine Country

Pittsburgh's Wine CountryFor decades, Pittsburgh has been known as a "shot-and-a-beer" town, but that reputation may be changing as more people are turning to wine as their alcoholic beverage of choice, and more wineries are opening in the area to accommodate the changing palates.

Wine consumption is increasing all over the nation. According to the Wine Institute, consumption was up 5.4 percent in 2010 over 2009, with each resident consuming approximate 2.54 gallons in 2010. One reason the experts believe we are imbibing more is because of reports of the supposed health benefits of consuming wine, and the abundance in recent years of grapes. 

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talian Heritagee

It's la Dolce Vita for Italians in Pittsburgh

Italian Heritage in PittsburghWe all know Christopher Columbus came to the New World in 1492, but it took many generations after that before his fellow Italians would establish a large presence in North America.  During colonial times, there were a few Italians living here, but it wasn't until later in the nineteenth century that the first influx of immigrants came to the Pittsburgh area.   

According to the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission, before the Civil War, most Italians left the homeland for South America, settling primarily in Brazil and Argentina because employment there was plentiful.  When the United States became prosperous in the late 1800s, more Italians came to America.  In 1870, the U.S. Census reported 784 Italian-born residents in our state.  By 1890, the population had grown to 2,794, and in 1900, the Italian population had exploded with more than 66,000 people of Italian descent living in Pennsylvania.

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Neighborhood Notes:

North Side: "Woods Run’s Own 'Angel'”

North Side Neighborhood Notes - Popular PittsburghJack Hunt grew up on Pittsburgh's North Side in the Woods Run area. The son of a decorated World War II veteran and loving mother, Hunt learned the value of hard work and the tenacity to go for what you want in life.

Jack began his musical career singing in church choirs and playing various instruments at Oliver High School. He and his buddies used to perform a cappella on the street corner near Halls Grove School.

But there is one incident growing up in Woods Run that illustrates how Jack used his early entrepreneurial skills to build his future life.


See our Ten Favorite Views of Pittsburgh

Ten Favorite Views of PittsburghWe've found our ten favorite places to photograph, record or paint Pittsburgh - in other words, the following are places that provide a great city view.

Travel along with us and take a scenic tour of the city we love!

We Think Pittsburgh is Positively the Best!

What is Popular Pittsburgh?  It's a celebration of our city, and of you, the people that make Pittsburgh great.  Because of you we're known as the City of Champions and America's Most Livable City.  It's your die hard work ethic and neighborly ways that bring the true gold to the Golden Triangle.
This is where we welcome the world, and remind some Pittsburghers, of the city they only think they know. Yes, Pittsburgh is world class hospitals and universities, bleeding edge science, thriving museums, and a center of culture and the arts, of ballet and symphony so sophisticated our most discerning international visitors take note. 
We are the City of Champions. 

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