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Vote for Pittsburgh's

BEST Frozen Treat Shop

Ice CreamWhat makes summer even better? The frozen treats you can find around our city!

Everyone has their favorite spot to enjoy a cool treat on a hot summer night.

Here is your chance to tell others who has the BEST frozen treats around!

Learn more on our BEST Frozen Treat Shop Poll page, or use the link below to vote now!

Vote for your Favorite Frozen Treat Shop in Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh's Soup Nancys:
"Serving Up Soup for You"

Soup may be the lingua franca, or common language, of the culinary world, as it seems that every culture likes soup. Pittsburgh is fortunate to have two remarkable cooks, Linzee Mihalcin and Sara Raszewski, who speak soup language better than anyone else.


'Burgh Buddies:  Texting Trouble

'Burgh Buddies:  Texting TroubleKim and her parents were sitting in their living room on Saturday evening. Minutes went by without a word being spoken. Mr. Ye spent the last hour explaining to Kim that she has to be more careful. Now, he just sat in silence. Her injuries weren't serious, but Mr. Ye knew that carelessness in the future could lead to real disaster.

Mrs. Ye was very grateful that Kim's injuries weren't too bad, but she couldn't help but blame herself, as she was the one who gave in to Kim's request to borrow her phone. During Mr. Ye's hour-long lecture to Kim, she wanted to change the topic a little, but she believed that Kim must learn a lesson about being safe and what can happen if she is not more aware of what she is doing.

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Famous Pittsburghers:

Johnny Angel

Pittsburgh: "City of the Angel"

Johnny Angel If Los Angeles is known as the "City of Angels," then Pittsburgh could be known as the "City of the Angel"--Johnny Angel, to be exact.

Johnny Angel and his bandmates, the Halos, have been ruling the Pittsburgh music realm since 1972. "I think we are the longest surviving group in the area," said Jack Hunt, who is more prominently known by his stage name, Johnny Angel.

Johnny Angel and the Halos' rise to celestial heights is a true Pittsburgh story. Johnny grew up on Pittsburgh's North Side in the Woods Run area and always knew he wanted to make music. He began singing in choirs as a child, and a cappella on street corners with his buddies in his youth. His parents wanted him to play the accordion, however, Johnny had a different vision. 


Pittsburgh's Wine Country

Pittsburgh's Wine CountryFor decades, Pittsburgh has been known as a "shot-and-a-beer" town, but that reputation may be changing as more people are turning to wine as their alcoholic beverage of choice, and more wineries are opening in the area to accommodate the changing palates.

Wine consumption is increasing all over the nation. According to the Wine Institute, consumption was up 5.4 percent in 2010 over 2009, with each resident consuming approximate 2.54 gallons in 2010. One reason the experts believe we are imbibing more is because of reports of the supposed health benefits of consuming wine, and the abundance in recent years of grapes.


Private Schools Near Pittsburgh

Private Schools Near Pittsburgh - Popular PittsburghPittsburgh is noted for its abundance of excellent colleges and universities.  In addition, the region is also fortunate to have a wealth of wonderful private schools for elementary and secondary education.  Following is a list outlining some of our area's best private schools.

Aquinas Academy

Founded in 1996, Aquinas Academy, located in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh, is a college-preparatory school for students in Pre-K through grade 12.  The co-ed, independent, private Catholic school is recognized as a leader in education and character formation. 

Read More to Find List of Private Schools Near Pittsburgh

Attack Theatre Conquers Pittsburgh

Owners of Attack TheatreAttack Theatre, which creates original collaborative dance-based performances, was founded in 1994 by Michele de la Reza and Peter Kope.  In honor of the theatre’s 20th anniversary, Popular Pittsburgh asked Michele to reflect on the theatre’s two decades of success.   

Q. What was it about Pittsburgh that made you decide to found Attack Theatre here?

To find out the answer
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Pittsburgh-Area Museums Well Worth a Visit

A trip to the museum can expand your breadth of knowledge, amaze the senses, spark your imagination, and provide hours of fun. The Pittsburgh area has a plethora of museums ranging from the world class to niche interest. The following is a list of museums in our area. For your convenience, they are grouped according to location.


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Neighborhood Notes:

North Side: "Woods Run’s Own 'Angel'”

North Side Neighborhood Notes - Popular PittsburghJack Hunt grew up on Pittsburgh's North Side in the Woods Run area. The son of a decorated World War II veteran and loving mother, Hunt learned the value of hard work and the tenacity to go for what you want in life.

Jack began his musical career singing in church choirs and playing various instruments at Oliver High School. He and his buddies used to perform a cappella on the street corner near Halls Grove School.

But there is one incident growing up in Woods Run that illustrates how Jack used his early entrepreneurial skills to build his future life.


Greeks in Pittsburgh: From a Small Country to a Large Presence

Greek Flag - Greeks in Pittsburgh PAThe size of Alabama, Greece has made a huge impact on the world. The Greeks have made enormous contributions to architecture, philosophy, theater, politics and government, sports, mathematics, science, and medicine-literally all of Western Culture.

Like the diminutive size of their homeland, the Greeks who came to Pittsburgh were few in number when compared to some of their other ethnic counterparts, like the Germans, Italians, or Irish. Nevertheless, that small number of Greek immigrants who did settle here contributed to making Pittsburgh a great place in which to live or visit.

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See our Ten Favorite Views of Pittsburgh

Ten Favorite Views of PittsburghWe've found our ten favorite places to photograph, record or paint Pittsburgh - in other words, the following are places that provide a great city view.

Travel along with us and take a scenic tour of the city we love!

We Think Pittsburgh is Positively the Best!

What is Popular Pittsburgh?  It's a celebration of our city, and of you, the people that make Pittsburgh great.  Because of you we're known as the City of Champions and America's Most Livable City.  It's your die hard work ethic and neighborly ways that bring the true gold to the Golden Triangle.
This is where we welcome the world, and remind some Pittsburghers, of the city they only think they know. Yes, Pittsburgh is world class hospitals and universities, bleeding edge science, thriving museums, and a center of culture and the arts, of ballet and symphony so sophisticated our most discerning international visitors take note. 
We are the City of Champions. 

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