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Exposition Hall - The Point

Exposition Hall at the Point in Pittsburgh

The Western Pennsylvania Exposition Society formed in 1885. They wanted to create a venue that offered the feel of a county fair, but also rivaled the intrigue of a World’s Fair. They purchased land at the Point along the Allegheny River with a 50-year lease. The Exposition Hall opened in September of 1889 and drove in an average daily attendance of 10,000 during the fall months.

The exposition hall buildings looked like castles along the Allegheny River. Some of the more interesting sights at the Point during this time were the amusement rides such as the rollercoaster, Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, and boardwalk that lined the Allegheny River to attract younger audiences to the Exposition Hall.

The final exposition was held in 1916. The Western Pennsylvania Exposition Society accepted money in exchange for giving up the remainder of their lease to the city. The buildings served various purposes until the 1940’s. The Music Hall was demolished in 1941 and the Machinery Hall was dismantled in 1942 for scrap metal for the war effort. The Main Hall was finally torn down in 1951 to make way for Point State Park.

Article by Meg O’Malley 

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